Lets get started – no more excuses

The hardest part about this process is walking up the stairs and through the door on your very first visit.  But get that part over and done with and you’ll quickly find that the help and support that’s on offer here will make you wish you came in sooner.

I often hear people say “i’m just going to get fit first, and then i’m going to come to The Gym”. There’s a stigma that exists (but only in your head) that makes us think we have to be good at a thing before we try a thing. That’s not how we do it here. Even if you’ve never set foot inside a gym before, make it your priority to come and visit and let us show you around. I guarantee that after you meet and talk with us, and have a look around, you’ll feel much more at ease. We pride ourselves in the care we take with our members, and in how much we love to make this experience great fun!

This whole business exists for one reason: to help you change your life for the better – no matter what your age or your level of fitness.  Just remember, it did take time for you to become de-conditioned, and it’s going to take time to get you back in shape.  The only expectation we have of you is that you genuinely want to change your fitness and your health, and that you’re willing to do what we tell you in order to get there.  Two things before we start…

Thing 1 – You must be ready to commit to at least 3 days each week of some kind of weights/resistance activity.

Thing 2 – You must be ready to take a serious look at how you eat, and be willing to make changes.

Ready to get started?  Great!  Call us on 02 6672 3799, or fill out the form below.  Lets get to work today!