Pleasure and Pain – desire to change

Pleasure and pain Murwillumbah FitnessI often laugh at myself when I have those insightful moments that show with clarity that I am just quite a simple creature. My behavior , regardless of what I say, or how I try to justify it is dictated by quite primal emotions “the avoidance or Pain and the gain or desire of Pleasure”. Yep , that pretty well sum’s up our motive’s behind everything we do.

Human being’s are not random creature’s , everything we do we do for a reason . We may not be aware of the reason consciously, but the above is undoubtedly the single driving force behind all human behaviour. Understanding and utilising the forces of Pain and Pleasure will allow you once and for all to create the change’s you desire for yourself . Failure to understand this force doom’s you to a future of living in a reaction, like an animal or a machine .

Perhaps this sound’s like a complete simplification, but think about it. Why don’t you do some of the thing’s you know you should do? After all , what is procrastination? Its when you know you should do something , but you still don’t do it . Why not? The answer is simple: at some level you believe that taking action in this moment would be more painful than just putting it off .

So how does this help us change? The first step is simply becoming aware of the power that pain and pleasure exert over everyday decision and therefore every action that we take . The problem is that most of us base our decisions about what to do on what’s going to avoid pain or gain pleasure in the short term instead of long- term . Yet in order to succeed, most of the things we value require us to be able to break through the wall at short term pain in order to have long term pleasure. You must put aside the passing moment’s of temptation, and focus on what’s more important in the long term , McDonald’s Sunday or your waist?

Most people focus on how to avoid pain and gain pleasure in the short term and thereby create long term pain for themselves . Many people that want to lose a few kilos often favor the pattern of putting thing’s off-the potential pleasure of a slimmer figure is often outweighed by the short term pain of taste bud deprivation . Short term, we avoid the pain of feeling a twinge of hunger, and instead we give ourselves the immediate pleasure by indulging in a few potato chips or by watching tv instead of going to bed earlier, allowing you to get up for that morning walk or heading to the Gym. In the long run we feel worse about ourselves , not to mention our health deteriorates and our butts get bigger .

Remember anything you want that is valuable , require’s that you break through some short- term pain in order to gain long-term pleasure . If you want a great body you have to choose long term-pleasure over short-term , that’s the difference. Break through the initial shorter pain and you’ll soon enjoy your workouts to the point you can’t wait to get to the Gym.
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