Comfortable with being uncomfortable

So I’m lying in bed anComfortable with being uncomfortable - Murwillumbah Fitnessd have decided to get up and go for a walk …. but l don’t ! Its not that I’m still tired, as I’ve had a solid 9 hour’s . Also l love going for a walk and know that I’ll feel great afterwards, but l roll over and decide to nod off instead. What’s wrong with this ? absolutely nothing other than it’s not helping me get rid of, or put a holt to my ever increasing inflating butt!
Life is nothing if it’s not a series of decision’s and consequences . The great freedom we all have here is choice and all decisions (choices) we make have consequences . Often, if not always we choose poorly in order to be comfortable . Comfort isn’t free it has a cost . Comfort , the enemy of greatness . l don’t know where l originally read this “the enemy of a great life is a good life “but its so true . More often than not a comfortable life is a good life . As human’s we find it so hard to get out of our comfort zone’s, and here is where the problem lie’s . Anything worth achieving, most likely involves getting out of our comfort zone. Think of all the men and women that have achieved greatness , do you think they were comfortable while doing it? What does this have to do with getting in shape? everything! You are who you are and how you look due to your day to day actions (obviously things like height are genetic).
What we eat and what we do has a massive impact on how you look, and changing what we eat and what we do mean’s getting uncomfortable . Very rarely does change come without discomfort. Being comfortable doesn’t mean your happy, it means your comfortable, big difference. People that succeed ( and this also means getting in shape) are comfortable with being uncomfortable. They understand the cost’s involved with achieving and are happy to pay that cost, even if that mean’s being uncomfortable.
All of us can be in great shape , it’s simply a choice . And here’s the really cool thing it’s not that hard ! It starts by being brutally honest with ourselves . Do we truly want to lose that excess fat we carry? are we truly prepared to change the way we do things ? Are we willing to be a bit uncomfortable with the change’s to the way we eat ? are we willing to move more? Seriously these are the question’s we must ask ourselves.
There’s no right or wrong here, just consequences…. but , and it’s a big but, have the courage to be honest to yourself when asking the above questions . We are very good at lying to ourselves to be comfortable . On the Gym wall we have painted the above picture and l truly believe the word’s . The Magic happens outside your comfort Zone . Life’s what you make of it and being a little uncomfortable is worth it .
By the way 1 got out of bed and went for that walk . You got to love guilt don’t you!