Goal Setting – My Life in 10 Years

Fitness My life in 10 years

In 1953, a business study was conducted of Yale University graduates. They were asked several questions which included if they had set goals for their life , whether they had written them down , and whether they had made plan’s to achieve them. Only 3% had done the above . In 1973 they interviewed the same people and they found that the 3% that had set goal’s 20 years earlier were worth more in financially terms than the other 97% combined.

Think of goal’s this way , your life is like floating down a river rudderless . Your moving but really with no direction, or say in where your going . A goal is like a rudder that give’s you direction , your no longer at the mercy of where life decides to take you, you have direction and can steer .

Goal’s definately require effort . If achieving was easy everyone would do it!

Step one: you have to workout what you want ? most people really don’t know. Most have the normal vague goal’s of wanting more money, losing weight etc, but they are not real goals , they are passing thoughts with no real power or energy behind them. Knowing what you want has to be alot more specific, and have some real importance or desire attached.

Step two :is time frame. When do you want it by, be specific, attach a time frame . Be realistic but a little pressure is a good thing .

Step Three: why? If you don’t know why you want to achieve a certain goal, how important can it be ? You need a reason , a good strong reason ,something that brings out hungry desire in you. Goal’s require action and action is fed by desire.

Fourth step: how are you going to do it? what steps are you going to take ? This is planning. A goal without a plan and action is a dream . Nothing wrong with dreams , but they are just that, dream’s, no more . Dream’s are like hopping in your car and visualizing your destination , that’s great, but it would be better it you turned the key.

For me personally goal’s , planning , dreaming and achieving are food for my soul . l just couldn’t imagine a life without having something to look forward to and plan for. l have 12 mth, 5 year even 10 year goal’s that l revisit regularly to make sure I’m on track. The Gym 15 year’s ago was a dream that become a goal , seven year’s ago l dreamn’t of sailing, since then I’ve learn’t to sail , bought a yacht and sailed to Thailand . Next step is to keep going around the world . l don’t say this to brag . It’s just that I’m a huge believer in goal setting and just know the magic in it .Big things start with a dream that become a goal and turn into reality.

Don’t limit yourself , Dream, Plan and Act .

Thanks for reading.