Going Primal – It is time to get Primal!

It is time to go primal at Murwillumbah FitnessHere’s the thing. Three months ago l weighed 3 kilo’s less, had a 6 pack ( well at least a 4 pack) was stronger than l had been in years, felt great and had a bit more zest . Now don’t get me wrong l haven’t deteriorated that much but then again that’s due to it only being 12 week’s . If it was 12 months? well maybe I’d be talking 20kg and verging on diabetes! What changed ? well l slipped from operating primal to normal and you know what? normal isn’t that good. Normal is more often than not unhealthy! l don’t write this to offend and I’m not talking about any individual but the reality is obesity, disease and depression are becoming normal, it not already normal .
Primal ? what is this guy talking about ? Well I’m not talking about living in the jungle or anything like that. What I am talking about is making choices that enable our body (health) to be the best it can be. This may surprise some (or most) but we are designed to be strong, fit and healthy . Did l mention lean! yes not fat! We all have this genetic potential . l liken it to a plant. If a plant gets the appropriate amount of light, nutrients , oxygen and stress (yes some stress strengthens us ) it will grow to be the best it’s genes enable it to be. Give it not enough of any of these thing’s or to much and it withers .Guess what? most of us are withering . For us to be happy and healthy we need to create the right environment , a environment that allows our genes to express themselves properly triggering all the right hormone’s etc that create the best us.
So back to three month’s ago . l was eating primarily whole food’s which many call a Paleo style of eating . l cut out all grains and was particularly strict with the sugar , meaning NONE . l lifted heavy thing’s 2-3 times per week and went walking most mornings . In addition to this l made sure l got plenty of sleep which meant cutting out most tv (not big bang theory , cracks me up ) so l could get up when l was designed to (when the sun comes up) . Living Primal is eating great food , moving a lot , getting plenty of sleep enjoying nature and getting some sun. l also made a point of hopping in the ocean a couple of times per week. It’s so healthy . Your body has no choice, it has to change , it has to be the best it can be.
So What changed ? l went on holiday and come back normal ! l do not want to be normal . l want to be strong , lean , happy and healthy . And here’s the thing l CAN and so can you . Not only that , its easy . All we have to do is make some change’s and start doing the above . The first step is to get a handle on your eating . Sort that out and your 80% there . Start today . There’s lot’s of book’s written on Paleo that go into a lot of detail on body chemistry related to sugar and grain intake and the connection to modern disease . I’m not a scientist in fact I’m not particularly that smart so l dont really know exactly how it works l just know what l read but more importantly l know what l see . l see Jas here at the Gym shed 47 kg of fat ! l see Sera dump 57kg of fat (well done you guy’s you are true champions) . They had the courage to change .
In a nutshell if you cut out all grains and all sugars good things will happen . Also don’t be afraid of fat’s . The body need’s fat what it doesn’t need is grain and sugar. If you like to know more of the detail google Rob Wolf Paleo Solution or my favorite Mark Sisson Primal Blueprint. Eating this way is easy in fact it’s easier than the way most of eat currently. What’s not easy is changing our habits . The best example is smoking. It’s easy to stop, just don’t put a cigarette in your mouth , right? well ask a smoker if it’s that easy.
Seriously give this ago it’s life changing. Can you do it ? Absolutely ! Will you? Your choice …. it’s complete up to you. So much of our lifestyle is just plain unhealthy but because we all live that way we think it’s ok . l urge you to consider going more primal . If you need a hand come and see us. Me? yep I’m on to it . Why? It’s just better !