How to get results in 12 weeks

How to get results in 12 weeks - Murwillumbah Fitness

The answer is really simple.

1. Decide what you want.

If you’re truly serious about changing, if you’re sick and tired of being overweight, unfit, of looking terrible, and feeling worse. Write down what you want in clear, simple language and stick it somewhere you can’t help but see it every day. Be as specific as you can – “I will lose 4kg in 12 Weeks”, “I will lose my stomach by September”, “I will be fit so I can play with my kids”, “I will look great by August for my new bikini”, “I will get stronger so other men don’t laugh at me”, “I will do my first pushup and pullup”.

2. Move More. Move Better.

Make a conscious decision to move your body six days each week.

Three of those days engage in some form of resistance training: Weights, gym circuit, or Body Pump class (at least 45mins). On every alternate day find an aerobic activity that you can sustain for at least 30mins: run, swim, cycle (RPM), punch and kick (Body Combat) or find a group fitness class you love (Body Step, Shbam). If you are truly dedicated, pay for a coach to guide you and join a small focused group like Red Box or Bootcamp, where you’ll do all of those things together.

Every day, your goal is to move your body in some way.

3. Food.

Combine all this good movement with good eating. You now aim to eat as much of your food as fresh as you can find it (garden vegies, meat from local sources, wild caught fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit in seasion). Notice that no-where on that list was; sugar, grains, wheat, pasta, rice, flour, soft drink, sports drinks, or the little cakes that mum makes with the fancy sparkles. That’s not an accident, they’re not on the list, they’re killing you slowly.

The hard part is sticking to your new regime for at least 12 weeks. Why 12 Weeks? Because by then if you’ve stuck to #2 and #3 you’ve seen your body totally change. You’ve started to form a new habit. Out of every ten people that embark on a program of change, two excel and two fail. The other six are on a sliding scale. The difference between the degree of success between the top two and the bottom two doesn’t come down to capability – we are all hugely capable. The difference is in the ability to act, to exercise your will. It’s all about taking one step at a time. It is consistency over time that is the reason we succeed at getting in shape or not. Your body didn’t get in terrible shape overnight, just as people who have great, healthy bodies didn’t get them overnight.

Bill Phillips in his book “Body for Life” says: “Change your body – Change your life”. That’s a huge statement. Is it true? Definitely! Becoming healthy and fit has been the single most important thing I have done with my life. Your body and mind are so connected. Becoming fit and healthy will totally change the way you view the world. This is important: if things need to improve in your life, start by strengthening your body, exercising, eating well and the rest will follow. It doesn’t mean that everything will become perfect but it does mean that you will deal with life and the obstacles it will throw in you path much, much better. How do you succeed at changing your body? By concentrating your focus and taking daily action. If you work on improving your body every day by making simple, small changes and consistent progress, you can absolutely transform your body and your health.

The reason why most people fail to achieve their health and fitness goals is not that they don’t have good intentions or set themselves an achievable target. The reason is that they either fail to discipline themselves or do not make themselves accountable.

Discipline means that you get up early to go for a run rather than sleep in. Discipline means saying no to putting crap in your mouth. Eating differently to the rest of your family. Discipline is having the will power to turn the TV off and getting to sleep early. Discipline is getting up an hour early to get to the gym, because you know that come the afternoon you’ll be “busy” or “too tired”. Integrating discipline into your day takes daily effort, willpower and courage. It will help you become the master of your life, rather than letting life master you.

Discipline is something you can learn – take it one day at a time and soon the days become weeks, the weeks become months and shortly it will become second nature.

If you’re unable to be accountable to yourself (and, lets face it, most of us need to be accountable to someone else in order to succeed) find a friend, group of mates or partner to train with you. Someone who you refuse to let down, who you promised you’d meet up with early to train, who you’ll be embarrassed to leave hanging. Find a program like Red Box small group training, where you’ll be coached, your workouts planned for you, where there’s someone to ask when you don’t know what to do, or what to eat, and where you’ll be around a group of like-minded people that want the same thing as you.

Life rewards action, and there’s never been a better time to start.

The Gym Team