Life Rewards Action

Life Rewards Action - Murwillumbah FitnessDevin here at the Gym showed me this last week “Someone once told me the definition of hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become”

Wow ! it’s pretty Powerful to say the least. l know personally I’m fairly determined to live a great life not just a good life. l don’t want on my tombstone ” Dale could have , should have, nearly did or almost had a great life !

For those of you that don’t know me, l like to sail . l currently have my yacht up in Thailand, which l sailed up through Indonesia from the Tweed . Anyway, friend’s of mine from Miami Florida who l sailed with to Thailand  (separate boats ) recently sailed from Thailand to South Africa. Their original plan was to head to Europe via the Red Sea. Most people that undertake a circumnavigation go this path as heading to Africa can be a very serious sail, big sea’s and rough . Because of the pirate situation near Somalia the path to Europe is currently not an option, therefore many people are selling their boat’s in Asia or shipping them to Europe which is not what these circumnavigators set off to do. Anyway, l asked Peter did he consider shipping Peregrina (his yacht) to Europe like others had , and his response was “yes, but l set out to sail around the world and l dont want to say near the end of my life that l nearly sailed around the world”. Well Peter and Margie after much planning and preparation made it to Africa, and won’t have to worry about what he nearly did….because he did! Life rewards Action.

Something that life has taught me is Life Rewards action, not intent , not hoping , not thinking , not positive affirmations and certainly not excuse’s . Potential is so overrated, we all have potential, particularly in this country, it’s the action we take with our potential that matters.  The person that understands the power of action , is the one that won’t meet the person he or she could have been .

Learning to take action is a skill that takes a lot of effort and courage to master. It’s often not comfortable (see previous blog). Its not something that come’s naturally to most, its a skill that must be practised relentlessly, and the truth is some will never get it.     The one’s that do change their lives .

l define taking action as productivity towards making your goal happen . Notice l used the word productivity and not busyness . Busyness is often nothing more than filling in time disguised as productivity to make you feel like you achieved something. Busyness doesn’t really bring you closer to achieving your goal’s. Where as productivity is different, it’s more directed, more focused and often require’s more effort as well as more risk.

What is it you want from life ? Be specific . Be clear. Think about it . Strategize it . Dream about it . Visualize it . But most important determine what action your going to take tomorow to start making what ever it is come about. With out Action the rest is a fun process but nothing happens. Life goes by one day at a time, whether we like it or not . Learning how to take action is like attaching a rudder to your life. Instead of life just going by , you now steer it in the direction you want. Action consistently over time is the magic that builds a great life. Believe me when l say life truly reward’s action.

Will you succeed ? Will you achieve your dream’s ? Will you live the life you want? Only you can make that decision because only you can decide whether or not you will act.

On my tomb stone l want”Dale knew how to take action”

Thanks for reading.