The first step to success – reason for change

FIND REASON TO CHANGE AFirst steps to success- reason to change Murwillumbah FitnessND MAKE A CONSCIOUS DECISION TO DO SO!

For all you highly determined 12 week challenge people here’s a bit of a tip on how to succeed . It’s actually quite easy, you just have to find a REASON to change. l’ ll say it again . Find a reason and attach a heap of emotion to it.

lt’s one thing to tell yourself you’d like to get fit and change your body . Its a whole other matter to think of the most dreadful thing imaginable happening if you do not get control of your body and life , pronto! It’s having a reason that fuels that intense desire and power ( inspiration ) for getting started and following through. There is a world of difference between simply wanting something and having to have it . It always comes down to how much you want that something and your mind , what you think about determines that level of desire.

Please make sure you clearly identify your reason for deciding to change , write it down and read it every morning and every night . Be particular. l know that you know deep down inside you have a reason or several reasons to change ¬†-good reason’s but if you don’t remind yourself regularly they’ll get put aside by thing’s that ¬†momentarily seem more important.

Most people find a reason to change so why don’t they? why do they year after year stay the same ? It’s because they overlook the essential first step-the step which begins to close the gap between knowing and doing . The step is ….. making a conscious decision to make a change .

I’m not talking about making ambiguous claims like , ” Yeah …. this year I’m gonna get in shape” Most people tell themselves this is one of their objectives every month . But how many people are truly moving in that direction ? Unfortunately very few . And the reason ? Because its one thing to talk about changing and it’s a completely different thing to do it . You, see when you make a conscious decision to make a change , your mind “awakens” and starts Searching for a way . You begin to develop a feeling-a deeply rooted need to make it happen . That Sensation is what many people call desire . Before you know it you’ll crave that change all day the desire becomes burning desire , once you’ve got that your unstoppable !

Fortunately we all have desire . We may have let life bury it but it’s there . You have to let desire propel you towards the goals you’ve decided to achieve . Don’t let people, your surround’s , or circumstances convince you that you really can’t or don’t have desire. When you decide you’re not going to go on living, when you decide the ways things have been are not the way they’re going to be you have taken the first step.

Find a reason , make a conscious decision to change and go for it.